Published and Forthcoming Papers

Debunking Misinformation about Consumer Products: Effects on Beliefs and Purchase Behavior with Tong Guo and Anita Rao

Forthcoming at Journal of Marketing Research

Dog Eat Dog: Balancing Network Effects and Differentiation in a Digital Platform Merger with Chiara Farronato and Andrey Fradkin

Forthcoming at Management Science

Can Facing the Truth Improve Outcomes? Effects of Information Avoidance in Consumer Finance with Megan Hunter

Marketing Science (2022)

Working Papers:

Effects of Market Size and Competition in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from Online Dating

(Previously circulated as “Search, Selectivity, and Market Thickness in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from Online Dating”)

R&R at Marketing Science

The Effects of Delay in Bargaining: Evidence from eBay with Caio Waisman
R&R at Management Science

Content Generation on Social Media Platforms: The Role of Negative Peer Feedback with Varad Deolankar and S. Sriram

Forced Experimentation During Pandemic Lockdown: A Neural Autopilot Analysis of Social Media Use with Yi Xin, Lawrence Jin, Matthew Shum, and Colin Camerer