Published and Forthcoming Papers

Can Facing the Truth Improve Outcomes? Effects of Information Avoidance in Consumer Finance with Megan Hunter

Marketing Science (2022)

Dog Eat Dog: Balancing Network Effects and Differentiation in a Digital Platform Merger with Chiara Farronato and Andrey Fradkin

Forthcoming at Management Science

Working Papers:

Effects of Market Size and Competition in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from Online Dating

(Previously circulated as “Search, Selectivity, and Market Thickness in Two-Sided Markets: Evidence from Online Dating”)

Debunking Misinformation: Effects on Beliefs and Purchase Behavior with Tong Guo and Anita Rao

(Previously circulated as “Debunking Misinformation in Advertising”)

Conditionally Accepted at JMR

Forced Experimentation During Pandemic Lockdown: A Neural Autopilot Analysis of Social Media Use with Yi Xin, Lawrence Jin, Matthew Shum, and Colin Camerer